Journey Beyond The Rubble, winner in health for all film festival

IDA General Director Dr. Mahmud Mustafa receiving the trophy at the film festival in Geneva.

We are proud to announce that Journey Beyond the Rubble, a powerful short film, has won the prestigious Health Emergencies Grand Prix in the health for all film festival (HAFF) held by World Health Organization WHO. This film chronicles the inspiring story of Walla, a young Syrian refugee mother who survived five days buried under […]


Meet Zakaria Al-Mousa, a remarkable 12-year-old boy whose got the kind of courage that is hard to find. His story is a tough one, but it’s also full of hope and strength. One fateful day, while innocently playing with his younger brother Omar in a nearby field, tragedy struck. A remnant from the war, a […]


At the age of 2, Hadil was diagnosed with Brachial Plexus injury, resulting in muscle weakness in her right arm. Accustomed to neglecting her right side, she relied solely on her left hand for daily tasks like playing with toys and eating. Upon admission to our center, she commenced physiotherapy ses-sions aimed at addressing her […]