Since 2019, IDA has merged protection and healthcare to promote equality and human rights. They combat gender-based violence, protect children, provide mental health support, and offer legal aid to refugees. Operating in nine locations in northwestern Syria and four in Turkey, IDA collaborates with technical groups for effective implementatio

Recognizing the importance of

integrating protection with healthcare services

IDA began providing protection programs in 2019 with the aim of promoting social equality and human rights, providing support to vulnerable and marginalized groups and improving the standard of living in crisis situations.

In 2023,

The lives of


individuals have been positively impacted by IDA’s Protection Programs, ensuring their safety, well-being, and access to essential support services.

IDA's Integrated Protection Services

Protection Programs

IDA works to integrate health and nutrition services in all health facilities to comprehensively enhance well-being. Below is a list of services to prevent and treat malnutrition:

Providing case management within healthcare facilities, safe spaces for women and girls, referring survivors to health care services.

Providing mental health support, case management, individual consultations, referral services, group support, community MHPSS awareness raising, prevention activities on substance use.

Offering legal guidance and support to refugees navigating complex legal issues.

Ensuring the well-being of children through awareness and recreational activities, case management, integration of early childhood development into health and nutrition programs, parenting skills and structured psychosocial support for children at risk.

Prioritizing the most vulnerable populations among beneficiaries and ensuring respect for the safety, dignity and rights of individuals when receiving services (women, individuals with mental disorders, the elderly and people with disabilities).

Work Areas

Geographical Reach

IDA operates protection activities in nine locations within northwestern Syria and in four locations in Türkiye.

Active engagement in the UN’s Protection Cluster and participation in technical working groups related to GBV, Child Protection and Mental Health programs.