Medical Education

IDA has emerged as a leading healthcare partner in northwestern Syria (NWS), supporting approximately 55% of healthcare services in the region. In 2023, IDA provided 961,985 healthcare services directly benefiting 431,144 individuals.

IDA Transforming

Healthcare in Syria through Education

Committed to improving the healthcare landscape in Syria, IDA has been at the forefront of bridging together the worlds of healthcare and education.

These collaborative endeavors prioritize the improvement of medical trainings and higher education in health. IDA’s dedication to medical education and collaboration with esteemed institutions underscores its pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare in the region. These initiatives serve as a testament to the organization’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and the cultivation of a diverse and highly skilled healthcare workforce.

Medical Education


IDA has established MoUs with distinguished institutions and universities dedicated to medical education.

IDA has partnered with the College of Medicine and other affiliates. These collaborations aim to offer students practical and clinical training in our hospitals, centers, and facilities. Additionally, we serve as a recognized center for awarding postgraduate certificates in medical specialties.

Our collaboration with Gaziantep University in Jarabulus has been instrumental in offering comprehensive training across various medical specialties. In reciprocity, the university has hosted our medical staff to conduct training courses on advanced devices and surgeries.

Our strategic partnership with SBOMS streamlines the admission process for resident doctors seeking specialization. These residents receive mentorship and supervision from our experienced professionals, along with competitive salaries and basic accommodation during their tenure at our healthcare facilities.

This notable collaboration offers a six-month clinical training program for new medical graduates. Successful participants earn a prestigious certificate from our organization, significantly boosting their prospects in the job market.

IDA takes pride in training civil defense first aid teams, reinforcing emergency response capabilities.

Active engagement in the UN’s Protection Cluster and participation in technical working groups related to GBV, Child Protection and Mental Health programs.

Each year, IDA welcomes approximately 120 medical students from various academic years, spanning the fourth, fifth, and sixth years of their medical education journey.

In a commitment to gender diversity, IDA has prepared and nurtured 18 nursing and technician students, all of whom are female, for Gaziantep University’s Higher Institute of Jarablus. This initiative has been instrumental in bolstering the representation of female healthcare professionals in the field.

We take pride in our contribution to disaster response preparedness by training 32 paramedics for the nonprofit MIDMAR. This initiative equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to respond effectively in critical situations.

A total of 42 medical residents from Aleppo University and SBOMS have embarked on a journey of specialization. This program exemplifies our commitment to nurturing the next generation of specialized medical practitioners.