In Syria hospitals have become targets for the Syrian Government and its ally Russia – in the last 144 days there has been 143 attacks on medical facilities. Despite this and against all odds, Syria’s heroic doctors continue to risk their lives so others may live.
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Donate now to Syria’s heroic doctors to help build a hospital of hope for Aleppo’s children, and make history if we succeed as this will be the first ever crowd funded hospital!

Just last month, the last Children’s Hospital in besieged eastern Aleppo was destroyed by airstrikes. It was struck by missiles as the medical workers were treating children suffering from a chlorine attack. This hospital had been attacked multiple times before but every time the amazing staff rebuilt it. This time it was closed for good. Now by coming together we can get these heroic doctors and nurses the equipment they need to open an entirely new children’s hospital in the nearby countryside.

The courage and strength of the doctors and nurses in Aleppo is really unbelievable and incredibly inspiring. As head pediatric nurse  Malak says, “I love the children here, I love my country, and I will not give up practicing my profession.” If heroes like Malak can keep going, then we have to do everything we can – even though we might be far away – to help keep their life-saving work going.

Whilst governments refuse to take real action to save Syrian lives, by coming together we can provide the equipment needed to open an entirely new children’s hospital. This month a group of Syrian, European, and American doctors will be driving equipment across Europe in a People’s Convoy to Syria on December 17th, stocked with medical supplies which can save lives immediately and a message that ‘we the people of the world stand with Syria’s lifesavers’.

We know it’s easy to feel powerless, but this is something you can do that can make a real difference. If we can raise £91,432, we can outfit an entire children’s hospital. Syria’s doctors and nurses give everything, we have to give what we can.

If the doctors, nurses, and volunteers in Aleppo haven’t given up on life, neither can we.

Help them save lives in the most dangerous place on earth.

Thank you,

Watch Dr. Rola Halla, Consultant Anaesthetist, CEO and Founder of CanDo announce the launch of The People’s Convoy: A Children’s Hospital for Northern Aleppo on Channel 4’s evening news

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