Aleppo Children’s Hospital

This facility is no longer functionning since November 2016 after being bombed out of operation.
The Children’s Hospital in eastern Aleppo is the only specialised pediatric facility left for a population of 275,000, 90,000 of which are children under 18.
Three pediatricians and two GPs provide services to approximately 200 patients a day. The facility has 25 hospital beds, 14 incubators, 3 intensive phototherapy incubators, 1 laboratory, an X-ray room, an isolation room, an outpatient department, and ER paediatric services. 


Child Malnutrition
The Children’s Hospital runs one of the largest designated departments in eastern Aleppo for child malnutrition. The ward specialises in treating cases of moderate to severe acute malnutrition, and Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) services. The department received on average 28 cases of malnutrition monthly.
A team of community health workers visit the most vulnerable neighbourhoods to look for cases of malnourished children (between 6 and 59 months old) and pregnant and lactating woman (PLW) and refer them to the clinic for treatment.

Malnourished children are referred to the clinic where the doctors perform MUAC screening, and take the weights and heights.



After diagnosis, the cases are admitted and treatment starts. For severe malnutrition with complications, the child receives Plumpy’Nut, an emergency treatment which supports rapid weight gain derived from broad nutrient intake.

After discharge, usually on average after 7 days, treatment will continue for a few more months at home with regular checkups.