Mobile Clinics

IDA is operating four mobile clinics for the IDP population in the Azaz district of Northern Aleppo governorate by the Turkish-Syrian border.

The clinics provide paediatric, gynecological and general health care to 36,000 IDPs. As mobile units, the clinics operate in four camps and settlements with a more constant presence in Bab al Salama and Yazibagh settlements.

Twenty community health workers based in these mobile clinics are implementing community outreach, education and communicable disease screening in the IDP camps. Due to the poor nutrition situation in IDP camps and the unregulated distribution of breast-milk substitutes (BMS), the community health workers are additionally working on nutrition monitoring and screening among the pregnant and lactating women and children under the age of 5 to provide nutritional awareness, and refer acute malnutrition cases to more specialised facilities in Northern Aleppo.