IDA’s Mobile Clinics

IDA’s Mobile Clinics Mobile clinics are vital in providing medical services to those affected by the earthquake in northwestern Syria. These clinics are particularly important for those living in shelters, where access to healthcare may be limited. Independent Doctors Association is one organization that provides mobile medical services in the region, helping to alleviate the […]

World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day 2023 Marked each year on 24 March, World Tuberculosis Day gives the occasion to raise awareness about tuberculosis (TB) and to advocate more efforts to eliminate it. In this regard, the Independent Doctors Association held a symposium introducing the disease in Al-Bab, Syria. 

Ramadan Mubarak from IDA

Ramadan Mubarak from IDA  On behalf of the Independent Doctors Association, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all Muslims on the blessed month of Ramadan. We pray that this Ramadan will be a source of peace, joy, and blessings for all.

Doctor’s Dilemma, The family or the Duty!

In the first few hours of the devastating earthquake that hit northwestern Syria on February 6, it was difficult for the doctor – to prioritize their duty to save their family’s injuries or safety. Dr. Bakri Maaz describes the situation and doctors’ choices amidst the disaster.

One month has passed since the devastating earthquakes.

One month has passed since the devastating earthquakes that targeted northwestern Syria and Turkey. We provided thousands of afflicted people with health care, nutrition, protection, and shelter services. The disaster is still going on, and Accompanying a community through all the phases of disaster recovery requires a long-term commitment. The number of afflicted is enormous; […]

Surgical Mobile Unit

 Surgical Mobile Unit After the catastrophe of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, the Independent Doctors Association launched Surgical Mobile Unit to provide health care for the afflicted in the city of in the countryside of Aleppo. This surgical MU complies with the standards of health care for ambulatory surgical facilities. This unit’s services include […]