The vaccine is a biological product given to the organism to stimulate the immune system of the body to resist the disease caused by the microorganism taken from the vaccine and these vaccines do not have the ability to cause the disease.
You can visit our following centers in rural Aleppo to vaccinate your children according to the vaccine program:
– albab
– Azaz
– Sosyan
– Anadan
– Tal hadya
– Dr.Wassim Maaz hospital
– Hope Hospital
– Shamarikh
– Ikdeh
– Soran
– Afrin
– Qabasin
The most important vaccines given to children from 1 day to 5 years according to the vaccine program:
(Tuberculosis, hepatitis, oral polio vaccine, muscle paralysis, measles, German measles, bipolar mumps, and meningitis) as well as tetanus vaccine for women between 15 to 45 years old.