We can’t stop the bombs falling in Syria. But we can stop more people dying from very treatable illnesses. Please support our campaign to bring crucial medicine and drugs to 3 medical clinics in besieged Idlib. #HealthcareUnderShelling




We, the Independent Doctors Association have the staff, the skills and the access to save lives in Syria right now. We have three primary health centers ready to support people desperately in need. All we’re lacking is the medicine crucial to saving thousands of lives each month. And you can help. Every £2 you can give is another person we can treat.

Fatima is a #BossNana. You know the type – puts everyone else first, seemingly juggles 1000 things at once and always has a sweet treat to slip you when no one’s looking.

Fatima safely navigated her grandchildren and disabled husband out of harm’s way when their house came under attack from the Syrian regime. Despite a lack of food and water, she led them to a safer place, an olive grove near the Turkish border – convincing the landowner to let them use the trees for shelter under the scorching sun. She’s keeping a smile on her grandchildren’s faces despite the diseases and sickness ravaging the area.


But Fatima can’t do it alone. Her family have pressing needs and they require urgent access to healthcare to support them – which is what the Independent Doctors Association is trying to provide. She told us:

“The children are fine, thank god. But we’re living under a tree. One of the kids is getting sick and my husband has ongoing needs from a head injury as a result of an airstrike two years ago. We need your help.”


For the first time ever, CanDo will match EVERY contribution people make. So for every £1 you give, you will actually be giving £2!


What you need to know

Our funding target:

Due to the acute emergency situation in Idlib, we are working to provide aid to as many people as we possibly can with your generous support. The situation on the ground is changing day to day and extremely urgent. Therefore CanDo have agreed to this campaign will be run as a keep-it-all fundraising campaign, where if the campaign does not reach its target, the IDA will keep the amount raised and distribute it accordingly. You can find more information on this on CanDo’s FAQ page.

Distribution of funds:

Due to the urgency, CanDo has agreed to release funds directly to partners for this emergency every three weeks based on the assessment of needs.

Match funding:

CanDo has agreed to match EVERY POUND RAISED for this project – meaning people double their impact with every contribution. The total amount raised will be updated each Thursday afternoon and a comment added to share the amount CanDo has matched each week.

How else can I help:

There are many ways you can use your voice to make a difference:

Convince two other people to support the campaign and you’ll treble your impact

Host a fundraising dinner with profits coming to this campaign – or take on a challenge to raise money for the cause

Share our message and our campaign to #Rise4Idlib tagging journalists, media outlets and socially-conscious celebrities to help raise awareness of the atrocities happening and the need for the international community to respond

 We are managing our fundraising activities with our Partner CanDo Action org.  #SaveIdlib and #SaveSyrianChildren now. Please donate through:


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