Located in northern Syria’s Azaz area, the Bab Al-Nour Health Care Center has served displaced communities for over seven years. Operated by the Independent Doctors Association, the center focuses on delivering healthcare and nutrition services to elevate the health standards within the community.

Comprehensive Services:
The center provides approximately 3,680 health services and 2,950 nutritional services per month. Its healthcare services include preventive, diagnostic, and treatment-related care, ensuring easy access to essential healthcare for the displaced population.

Commitment to Excellence:
The Independent Doctors Association aims to provide integrated and high-quality healthcare services. With a network of health centers in northern Syria, the organization emphasizes prevention, early diagnosis, and effective treatment to raise the overall health level in society.

Bab Al-Nour PHC
Bab Al-Nour PHC








Community Impact:
The Bab Al-Nour, Health Care Center, has significantly impacted the displaced communities it serves. By offering accessible and quality healthcare services, the center has saved lives and improved the population’s well-being. Its focus on nutrition has addressed malnutrition concerns, benefiting vulnerable individuals, especially children and pregnant women.

The Bab Al-Nour Health Care Center, operated by the Independent Doctors Association, is vital in providing essential services to displaced communities in northern Syria. Through its commitment to excellence, the center has positively impacted the health and well-being of the population it serves.