Hanan was born in October 2018 in a small town called “Tal Battal” in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. Hanan suffered from high fever few days after her birth, and after she had been given unknown medications in different places, she visited Hope hospital in the sub-district of Al-ghandorah where she was admitted to ICU.

When Hanan arrived to the hospital, she was in devastating health condition where she was suffering from convulsions, high fever and a loss of consciousness, so the medical staff in Hope hospital started emergency interventions and investigations.

As the convulsions continued, the medical team decided to conduct Brain CT scan as they suspected cerebral edema of unknown origin which was confirmed by CT scan.
A treatment plan was carried out by the medical team in the ICU where the Hanan stayed for 27 days until she was recovered and discharged.

Since her discharge, Hanan visited the outpatient department several times within 3 months for follow-ups where she continued receiving her medications until she was fully recovered.

Hundreds of critical cases reach Hope Hospital every month, coming from several different areas, including communities that are hard to reach and lack the basic health services. IDA provides free of charge medical care services in many areas. Hope Hospital is providing services in an area with catchment population of 130000.

Hope Hospital is considered to be the most specialized pediatric hospital in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, in addition to obstetrics and gynecology unit through which the hospital provides medical care for mothers and pregnant women.

IDA thanks all who have contributed in the continuation of the hospital’s work this year, and we hope the flame of hope that we planted in this region two years ago will not be extinguished.