Hope Hospital achieves the goals that it has put since its inception, by saving children’s lives. In addition, promoting health care for children and their mothers in a region wherein a huge lack of medical services present.

Jarablus district witnesses an unstable population movement due to the displacement from different cities of Syria, which led to the existence of camps that are crowded with displaced people. We have managed to cope with these numbers by increasing the efforts and the number of medical staffs.

Yazan is a child from Eastern Ghouta. He was born in a hospital at Al Bab district, then he was accepted immediately after birth in the department of Pediatrics due to his suffering from (premature and respiratory distress syndrome).

After eight days, Yazan had been discharged from the hospital, but he entered a bad health situation described as a difficulty of breathing and inhibition of respiration. Therefore, he was transferred to Hope hospital.

The child arrived in the emergency department with a general bad condition. The medics carried out the aid procedures, conducting the necessary tests and receiving the child at the nursery section.

After the specialist doctor completed the diagnosis, it turned out that Yazan was suffering pneumonia. The appropriate treatment was provided and followed closely by the specialists and nursing department. During this period, Yazan was subjected to respiratory restraint 3 times then he was successfully revived.

Yazan endured one month of treatment at Hope hospital, yet he regularly visits Hope hospital to ensure that he is fully recovered.

We still working on saving our children lives who are our hope.