The patient, Hassan Al-Hussein, 18 years old, visited the Martyr Dr. Mohammed Wassim Maaz Hospital , he was complaining of nephrolithiasis, after the clinical examination, LAB, and radiology tests, it was found that he suffers from third-degree right kidney Hydronephrosis caused by the presence of a staghorn calculus.
The treating surgeon decided to perform a surgical procedure for the patient to extract the stone and the implantation of a ureteral catheter. The operation was successful, as it will contribute to alleviating Hassan’s pain and suffering from nephrolithiasis.
It is worth noting that the Surgical Operations Department Martyr Dr. Mohammed Wassim Maaz Hospital is one of the most important surgical departments in the region’s hospitals in terms of the number of procedures that reach more than 900 on monthly basis distributed between minor and major procedures, and this department is characterized by qualitative and specialized operations, in addition to the presence of a distinguished medical staff capable of performing the most complex surgeries within the available resources.