The patient (N.S.), 30 years old, visited Martyr Dr. Muhammad Wassim Maaz Hospital with a complaint of pain in the left thigh that has been going on for a year and noted the presence of swelling that gradually increased, causing pain and difficulty in walking.

The attending physician, Dr. Zaher Al-Nisr, a specialist in vascular surgery, said: “Through investigations, superficial Ultrasonography, and CT scan, cysts were found in the left thigh, a large cyst containing small cysts inside, and by completing the necessary investigations and diagnostic laboratories, a diagnosis of multiple hydatid cysts in the left thigh was established.”
The attending physician conducted a surgical intervention for the patient, and during the operation, it was found that there were a huge number of cysts of different sizes, all of them were emptied with the application of special measures during the surgical intervention to ensure that they will not form again.
The attending physician adds that this case is one of the unique cases of hydatidiform cysts and it is rare to find it in the extremities because it is common for these cysts to be located in the liver, chest, and brain usually.
It is worth mentioning that the Surgical Department at the Martyr Dr. Muhammad Wassim Maaz Hospital is one of the most important vital departments and includes 9 operating rooms, with various medical specialties, which provide approximately 850 surgical procedures per month under the supervision of a group of specialized doctors in northern Syria.