48,000 families have been forcibly displaced from the south and east of Idlib over the past month as a result of the attacks of the Syrian regime, with the support of Russia air forces.
265,000 people fled to north of Idlib, western and northern countryside of Aleppo.

Everyone seeks to provide help within the available capabilities to alleviate IDPs suffering, through the efforts of humanitarian organizations and the support of the host people.

There is a great and urgent need to provide health care, shelter and food. In light of the direct targeting of primary health care centers in Idlib during the past months.

Internally displaced children and women have no means of combating cold and harsh winters other than hope.

IDA works to implement a rapid response process to alleviate the families suffering and provide them with health care.
Community health teams are receiving the displaced on the roads and the entrances of the cities to provide health care and direct patients to the centers and hospitals of the Independent Doctors Association or other nearby centers.

More than 24 care centers and three specialized hospitals in the areas of displacement have declared the state of maximum readiness to provide health care to our displaced people.