The first Hostile Environment Surgical Training course which was held at the Martyr Hospital Dr. Mohammed Wassim Maaz, concluded last Thursday.

A group of surgeons from different specialties participated in the course. The surgeons received training on the use of surgical techniques during warfare and how to deal with injuries in the absence of normal conditions and the necessary equipment to deal with these kind injuries.

A team of professional trainers was led by Dr. David Nott, a general Surgeon and War Surgery Specialist and the President of David Nott Foundation, with the participation of Dr.Ammar Darwish and Dr.Mounir Hakimi delivered a series of lectures on war surgery and supervised attendees who came from different parts of northern Syria on clinical and surgical techniques.

This course was sponsored by the Independent Doctors Association “IDA”, in cooperation with Syria Relief and David Nott foundation.

The course lasted for three consecutive days between 23ed and 25th of July 2019.