The first phase in rebuilding the devastated health sector in Syria is by strengthening the role of primary health care centers to ensure equitable access to basic health services in all regions and to ensure clear referral mechanisms towards secondary health care centers.

IDA recognizes the importance of providing primary health care and all health services that meet the community’s needs and provides it in an equal manner to all the community regardless of their nationality, age, social or economical status or race.

These centers are developed through developing the staff skills, and making continuous courses and workshops. Comprehensive health care is based on the provision and distribution of sufficient trained physicians, nurses, technicians and community health workers.

IDA in cooperation with the supporting organizations operates 14 primary health care facilities, and 7 mobile clinics , across Syria

These health centers provide primary care to all the patients in this areas , Each center has an internal medicine clinic, OB/GYN clinic, Pediatrics  clinic, community health clinic, and a pharmacy that provides medicines free of charge.

IDA During 2017 provided more than 524,544 primary health care services within the camps and residential centers it covers .


Primary Health Care Services 524,544


Saturday –  Thursday 9:00  –  16:30
Emergency 7/24 H


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