The medical team at Martyr Dr.Mohammad Wassim Ma’az Hospital has successfully performed the first Knee Joint replacement for a patient who suffered severe pain, difficulty in walking and movement, which affected her normal life for several years, the suffering reached its end by the replacement of the knee joint.
A specialized medical team led by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ali Kurdi and surgical technicians :

Anesthesia Technicians: (Kamal Orabi – Ghosoon Ibrahim)
Operation Technicians: (Yasir Saeed – Montaha Derbas)

The treating physician said: The patient underwent a number of radiology investigations before taking the decision of the surgical intervention, those tests revealed forth grade degeneration of the knee joint, which necessitated the surgical procedure. He added: The operation was successful and lasted two and a half hours, during which we replaced the old knee joint with a modern and special one.
Joint replacement surgery is generally performed to improve patient’s life and relieve pain, especially in light of the availability of medical and qualified physicians in the Orthopedic Department at Martyr Dr.Mohammad Wassim Ma’az Hospital.