After his birth in may, Khalil held the hope of life after his birth at one of the hospitals in Azaz, weighting only 1.300 grams, in the 30th week in the seventh month of pregnancy.

The risk of birth in the 30th week of pregnancy is in the incomplete development of the fetus, which puts the fetus to many health problems after birth, and this situation requires continuous monitoring due to the high risk of complications.

Complications of preterm began to appear on “Khalil” where he was turned into the pediatric department (incubator) at Dr.Mohammad Wassim Maaz Hospital and as he was being in need of an intensive care unit for the premature, the medical examinations were performed and found that there was a decries of blood sugar, repeated breathing stops, bleeding disorders, difficulties in Breastfeeding and jaundice, which recommended to put him under intensive care in the incubators section.

Khalil began to respond in the incubator and improved his health and was discharged from incubator with a weight of 950 g.

Khalil came back a week after he was discharged from the hospital in a bad general condition and a weight of 850 grams due to a cold shock, hypoglycemia , a failure of breastfeeding, severe kidney failure, blood loss and ataxic breathing, where he was Receiving and perform a blood change, then he was put for a month in the intensive care unit at the incubator under the direct supervision of the pediatric doctors.

“Khalil was adhering to life and his body resisted all complications of preterm infants and other negative complications that could affect form defects or nervous system” Dr. Iman Kurdi, head of the pediatric department.

Khalil’s health condition improved after a month-long treatment period in the incubators department and discharged in a good health with a weight of 1200 grams, he was provided a visit plan to the outpatient department, in order to check his health situation regularly.

Khalil fought death and now he has reached a weight of 5800 grams and he is in good health.

It is reported that the pediatric department is one of the most important departments at Dr. Mohammad Wassim Maaz Hospital and it is considered as the largest pediatric department in the region and has a distinctive medical staff. The Department has recently suffered underfunding and increasing the number of beneficiaries in addition to the need for medical supplies and medicines.