Yehia Khalaf 6 years old, His family were displaced from Aleppo to an IDPs’ camp north Azaz,
Two years ago, Yahya was bitten below his left eye by Sand fly, Carrying the infection with leishmaniasis
His family didn’t pay attention to the development of the bite on his skin,
Community Health Team in Independent Doctors Association and during their visits to the IDPs’ camps they found Yahya case and referred him to one of IDA’s health care centers, after 60 day of treatment the Leishmania scar was cured almost completely
Cutaneous leishmaniasis is threatening thousands of people in northern Syria,
The disease is more likely to spread due to the lack of medicines, the lack of hygiene and sanitation in the camps, the accumulation of garbage and the lack of use of pesticides.
Leishmaniasis is a tropical/sub-tropical disease caused by Leishmania protozoa, which is spread by the bite of infected sandflies.
Cutaneous leishmaniasis causes skin sores which are leave ugly scars