The first CT scan to be in operation in the Northern Aleppo countryside since a year ago has started functioning this week in the Dr. Muhammad Wassim Maaz Hospital run by IDA at the Syrian-Turkish border.

The device was fundraised by the Help Refugees organisation as part of their direct support towards humanitarians on the ground, filling gaps to provide emergency aid and vital services.

It is the first time a CT scan is in operation in the Northern Aleppo countryside area since February 2016. Its arrival will greatly boost the healthcare status of the local population by enabling three-dimensional scanning of the human body.

The humanitarian situation in Northern Aleppo degraded last year when humanitarian and commercial access became restricted and hundreds of thousands fled ISIS advances and government airstrikes pounding the region. Today 150,000 IDPs are conglomerated into IDP camps in Azaz district, which has put pressure on the host community.

‘When no CT Scan was available in this region, we used to refer the cases needing thorough internal examination to Turkey. This service will decrease the number of referrals to Turkey. From now on, we are pleased to examine and treat them in the medical departments of our hospital in Syria,” says Dr. Yasser Darwish, the Medical Manager at Dr. Muhammad Wassim Maaz Hospital.

As a first step, the CT scan has started diagnosing war and accident-stricken patients. It will soon be functioning in a routine way to benefit a total population of 750,000 in this Northern and Northeastern Aleppo region.

The Dr. Muhammad Wassim Maaz Hospital was first established in 2013 by IDA under the name Bab al Salama Hospital. The facility has recently undergone a 2,400 square meter expansion and is the main hospital for surgical operations and specialised medical services in the region. It has 50 in-patient beds and 8 medical specialisations.

”Help Refugees are honoured to partner with IDA whose healthcare services are not only some the most professional we have seen but also with the fight for humanity at the core of everything they do. Their passion to promote more long term healthcare systems in Syria has inspired us and we are delighted to be funding the CT scanner that IDA will use to save so many lives”, said a spokeswoman of the organisation.

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