Doctors in Aleppo took to the streets today after calling for a general strike in all of Aleppo city’s hospitals to protest against the unlawful detention and killing of an employee of Al Dakak hospital yesterday. The employee was taken by an armed group in front of IDA’s Children’s Hospital and later died from his wounds.

Demonstrating today in front of IDA’s blood bank in Al-Sha’ar neighborhood, doctors and residents held up signs declaring ‘’Medical staff are humanitarian workers’’, ‘’I am a child, it is my right to have a safe hospital’’ with many containing the hashtag ‘’I am a fighter not a killer’’ referring to an Aleppo-wide campaign encouraging respect for international humanitarian law. 

In written statements released today, the doctors have demanded swift accountability for the perpetrators, the carrying-out of a just court process, the safeguarding of hospitals and a ban on unauthorized weapons in their facilities.

The following IDA-run facilities in Aleppo city are taking part in the strike, and will only be providing emergency services: the Children’s Hospital; Al Zahraa Gynecology Hospital; the Blood Bank; Al Ikhlas, Saad Bin Mouaz and Assadiyeh Primary Health Care centers.

‘’We will continue striking until the perpetrator faces accountability’’, says Dr. Hatem, the Director of the Children’s Hospital. ‘’We are demanding the protection of our medical staff and facilities.’’