The 6th Year of Conflict in Syria

6 years later, where do we stand? Half a million have been killed, half the country has been displaced. Half the healthcare workers in Syria have fled. An estimated 12.8M Syrians are in need of medical assistance, an increase of 1.3M compared to 2016. Last year peaked to becoming the most dangerous year for medical personnel after the rate of attacks on hospitals doubled. There is an entire generation of children experiencing a nearly irreversible mental health crisis.

‘We are no longer safe to be in this world as human rights defenders and humanitarian workers’, says IDA Director Dr.

Mahmoud Moustafa who started rehabilitating healthcare in Aleppo in 2012.

‘The shocking characteristic of this war has been the international community’s refusal to act on its responsibility to protect civilians. It’s inaction before violations of IHL allowed attacks on healthcare facilities and personnel to become the widespread norm.’

While we dedicate ourselves to rebuilding a Syrian medical workforce, we ask you to stand #WithSyria & call for an end to impunity.

Long-term peace and justice in Syria is not possible without ensuring a credible accountability process. The longer we wait, the more our country falls apart and our people suffer beyond what they can bear.

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