Primary Health Care Centers (PHCs)

PHCs in the camps

IDA is running four Primary Health Care (PHC) centers located in the IDP camps in Azaz district of Northern Aleppo by the Syrian-Turkish border. While two of these PHCs were established in 2014, an additional two were added in the beginning of 2016 to respond to new waves of mass displacement towards Northern Aleppo from areas in conflict.

The PHCs offer pediatric, gynecological and general health services. The gynecological services focus on reproductive health. The PHCs are also linked with leishmania treatment, vaccination campaigns and community health awareness taking place in the camps.

The PHCs operate year-round and altogether they provide community health care to a catchment population of 32,000. Covering primary medical needs in the camps, the PHCs refers the serious cases to the higher management facility like the Bab Al Salama Hospital.

Camps: Bab Al Nour – Bab Al Iman – Al Rayan – Sijjo 

Azaz Comprehensive Clinic

In late 2016, IDA started a new comprehensive PHC in the city of Azaz, which provides health services to both the resident population and the displaced community who have moved to the city.