Bab Al Salama Hospital

Bab al Salama Hospital is one of IDA’s pilot projects in Syria

Bab al Salama serves the entire war-affected Syrian population from Azaz district to Jarablus. It reaches a catchment population of 500,000 including 107,000 displaced people living in the IDP camps established along the Syrian-Turkish border. 

Surrounded by shifting war lines, the local and internally displaced population are under constant threat, and Bab al Salama is the main facility where safe access to medical services is still available. 

Bab al Salama Hospital is the largest hospital in Northern Aleppo with 7 operation rooms and 2 labor rooms. It is the only medical point providing quality post-natal care with 10-15 deliveries and/or caesarian sections conducted on a daily basis. Below are the current departments:


General surgery






Physical therapy



Bab al Salama Hospital is currently undergoing an expansion to include 10 ICU beds, neurosurgery and urology services and a medical training center.

Cross-border referrals

Strategically located near a border crossing, Bab al Salama Hospital is the only hospital in Azaz district authorised by the Turkish government to  transfer injured and seriously ill patients from Syria to Turkey. Through a medical referral system, IDA’s medical team at the hospital evacuate patients requiring advanced treatment not available in Syria to Turkish hospitals.

Copyright Independent Doctors Association. A Syrian patient is transferred to the buffer zone between Turkey and Syria at the Bab al Salama border crossing before being evacuated to a Turkish hospital.